Mr. Ashok Chakradhar

Padma Shri awarded, International author and poet of satire and comedy.

Mr. Balveer Singh Karun

Poet of veer ras from Alwar.

Mr. Krishn Mitra

Leading international poet of veer ras from Ghaziabad.

Mr. Sury Pal Gangwar

IAS (DM Raibareily)

Mr. Gopal Das Neeraj

Legend poet and author of Hindi literature awarded with Padam Shree and Padam Bhushan.

Mr. Udai Pratap

Poet and state minister in UP govt.

Mr. Shailesh Lodha

Actor, Writer and poet, Tarak Mehata fame.

Mr. Surendra Sharma

Leading international poet usually writes comic sketches of himself and his wife.

Our Patron

Mr. Anil Tekriwal

Industrialist from Lucknow

Dr. Hari Om Panwar

Leading international poet of veer ras from meerut.