(a) To honor dedicated poet / poetess of oral tradition of hindi.

(b) To grant stipends, scholarship, studentship and other allowances, concessions or gratuities to deserving and / or financially poor students and candidate and to send them anywhere in India for study.

(c) To establish, run, supervise, coordinate, affiliate, guide, aid in India or anywhere else on charitable basis the school or educational colleges for getting approval from government or body authorised by government for this purpose

(d) To undertake activities in the fields of child education, child empowerment, health and child rights.

(e) To participate and celebrate different festivals with poor.

(f) To organize various activities in the field of medical care, medical research, health education.

(g) To establish charitable hospital and dispensaries.

(h) To organize medical related camps like blood donation camp, eye testing etc.

(i) To take concrete steps to eradicate social evils by means of organizing seminars, studies, discussions etc. and to publish suitable literature highlighting the advantages of the social virtues and to a view to educated the masses generally by propagating the right ideals.

(j) To undertake various activities that will arouse and develop the feeling of humanity and affinity among the various section of the society and to publish such literature, books, pamphlets etc. and / or assist to in publication of those books which encourage the growth of national unity and integrity.

(k) To encourage and assist the rural people to carry on the activities in connection with the development of village industries and other rural activities connected with or in any way incidental to such industry to setup academic and other industries with the approval of the competent authority all over India.

(l) To promote literacy, cultural and social activities by Awareness Programme, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposia, Cultural Programmes, Press Conferences and Seminars etc.

Objective and Mission