Our Structure

When many hands work together, even herculean tasks become simple. The collective and synchronized nature of our work has been the pillar of SN Trust.

Trustees lead by example
The Board of Trustees constitutes an integral part of the SN Trust team. Their commitment, dedication, and most importantly interest and involvement in the organization's operation, inspires the staff members to give their best. They lead by example through their guidance and hands-on support. Trustees ensure their participation in weekly Saturday meetings to get a detailed understanding of issues and problems faced, and facilitate the resolution of these issues. Our trustee team is composed of Dr. Vishnu Saxena (Chairman) and the following Trustees: Mrs. Vandana Saxena, Mr.Saranash Saxena and Mr. Chitransh Saxena.

Multidisciplinary and multi-skilled teams
The SN Trust team constitutes experts and skilled professionals from different disciplines. Trained social workers, teachers, mental health professionals, finance and account graduates and post graduates, along with sports and performing arts trainers, form a critical mass of human resources at SN Trust. This ideal mix and match of knowledge, skills and expertise transforms into a working symphony.

Transparency and accountability
Free flow of relevant information and clear communication channels are characteristic of transparency and accountability. SN Trust's meetings witness participation from trustees, executive council and representatives from all programs and project units of SN Trust. Members feel empowered, as their voices are not only heard, but trigger necessary action. Streamlined and organized financial systems at SN Trust also mirror organizational transparency and accountability. The financial records are maintained and updated regularly. These records and fund flow are examined and audited by independent external agencies and are available to everyone.

An organized system of purchase, procurement and storage through a centralized store mechanism, along with an established process of issue of receipts on receiving donation in cash and kind, further strengthens the transparency of SN Trust's financial management.

Balancing vertical and horizontal functioning

Striking a balance between vertical and horizontal functioning has resulted in effective and efficient functioning of the SN Trust team. The vertical functioning, i.e. top to bottom approach, has been adopted to achieve clarity in lines of reporting and management and for well-defined communication channels, while a bottom-up approach has been established for actual implementation of programs.The main objective is to encourage independent decision-making and problem solving at each stage of work, while keeping higher authorities in the loop.